Training and Consultation

Specialised Training

Knightlamp offers specialised training for all youth residential carers, foster carers, teachers, parents and child protection workers. All our training workshops have been characterised by unique approach, that brings the theoretical to life with real-practice methods and tips. We believe that psychodynamic, trauma and attachment theories should not be the sole domain of therapists, but that the principles are easily adapted and used best by the people with whom children spend the most time. Knightlamp can tailor a training package to suit you, your organisation and your challenges.
Seminar packages include:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Understanding Challenging and Extreme Behaviour
  • Managing Violence in the care environment
  • Self Care for Carers
  • Reading the Script: Therapeutic Care as a Team


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Secondary Consultation

Special consultations can be arranged with the Knightlamp clinical team, with regards to a child, young person, family or other client in your care.
We provide a trauma informed perspective to particularly challenging
cases, and can work with an entire multi-disciplinary care team that may be feeling ‘stuck’ to provide valuable insights and practical solutions.

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