School Support

School support for children with very challenging behaviour

Knightlamp’s ‘Way to Go’ program is a unique approach to the social reintegration of children who are having extreme behavioural, emotional and social difficulties that impact on their ability to attend school. 

Way to Go is a comprehensive approach that ensures all teachers, carers and aides are skilled in the best approach and take a unified trauma-informed approach toward real improvements and safety in the school yard. Our approach involves working with care teams and training the entire school staff team in understanding extreme behaviour as a function of complex trauma.

Our support aides provide companionship and dyadic emotional regulation so that children increase their capacity to benefit from the school and learning environment. Weekly reports and recommendations, and individual coaching for teachers ensures that the framework is supportive and congruent throughout the whole care and teaching team. Ensuring teachers are well supported and have access to a Knightlamp clinician at any time, is a vital aspect of our program.

To date all children who have participated in this program have increased social and learning capacity, increased attendance and schools have reported a significant decrease in aggressive and other harmful incidents. We welcome you to contact any of our past Way To Go clients (schools and CSO's) to hear their experience of the program.

Way To Go is based on an understanding, based on attachment, development and neurobiological theory, behind why a child is not tolerating the school environment, and aims to heal that intolerance where it originates.

The Way to Go program provides:

A therapeutic plan
Training for teachers 
Direct aide support to the child
Clinical support to the class teacher
Regular reports and recommendations


Increased staff retention and wellbeing
Increased learning capacity for the child
Maintaining attendance
A safe school environment
Ongoing support for the child and carers

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