How to Tuck a gangster into bed:

This humorous, rather irreverent collection of stories range from therapeutic conversations with a self professed vampire to to a narrow escape in a prison. These stories provide real insight into 'challenging' behaviour and healing approaches with traumatised children and young people.

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Stephan Friedrich is a leading specialist in trauma-informed approaches to youth work, care and parenting. After years of social work and clinical roles in prisons, youth justice and child protection, he uses real examples to illustrate the most effective responses to challenging behaviour and childhood trauma.


“Shocking, hilarious, desperately sad, desperately hopeful and often all of this at once. You are never left feeling nothing …it actually challenges and changes you. In turn, it motivates me to go Gandhi, not in the bald sense, but to go, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’"

- Sam Ross, ‘The Teenage Whisperer’, UK

“You could read 100 books on trauma theory and not gain as much depth of practical understanding as this book will give you…I highly recommended this book to anyone in or out of the care sector”

- Max Remy, ‘Inkswamp’, AUS

“Thank you, I can't put it down! It's funny, easy to read, insightful and makes so much sense! I really wish I knew what you were doing years ago!”

- Carrie Hoy, Reader, VIC